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    Fabric Modules implement the protocols to transmit data over diverse fabrics, providing transport media independen {{Main Page Subbox|#cedff2|#a3b0bf|[[Network RAID1|High availability]] and clustering|{{T}} is designed from ground up t
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  • Service Location Protocol
    ...l that allows computers and other devices to find services in a local area network without prior configuration. SLP has been designed to scale from small, unm ...C 2608, a location is a topologically specific and named entity on a local network of any extension, and that is not any geographic or otherwise topographic o
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  • Internet Storage Name Service
    ... discovery, management and configuration of {{Target}} devices on a TCP/IP network across multiple discovery domains and discovery domain sets (optionally usi ...SCSI]], or [[iSER]] then provide the [[Backstore|storage]], [[TPG]], and [[Network Portal]] objects for the [[Initiator]] and {{Target}} nodes respectively.
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    {{Image|Compingles.gif|Architecture diagram of network storage types.}} ...ecial-purpose cabling, iSCSI can be run over long distances using existing network infrastructure.
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  • LIO
    ...modules implement the "frontend" of the SCSI target. They "speak" specific protocols that transport [[SCSI]] commands. The ''Fabric Hardware Abstraction Layer'' ...anchor|CNA}} '''Converged Network Adapter''' ('''CNA'''): An Ethernet PCIe network adapter ([[NIC]]) that natively supports [[RDMA]] (via [[RoCE]]), also call
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  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet
    ... Ethernet [ X520 Adapters] are recommended. Associate the three Ethernet network interfaces that are available on the storage array with FCoE via:
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  • Fibre Channel
    ... for various FC Host Bus Adapters (HBAs). Fibre Channel is a gigabit-speed network technology primarily used for storage networking. * {{RFC|3723|Securing Block Storage Protocols over IP}}
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  • ISCSI Extensions for RDMA
    '''iSCSI Extensions for RDMA''' ('''iSER''') is a network protocol that extends [[iSCSI]] to use [[RDMA]]. ...existing [[iSCSI]] target control plane with a special iSER enable bit per network portal context.
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  • InfiniBand
    == Protocols == A brief overview over relevant or related InfiniBand protocols:
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  • SCSI RDMA Protocol
    The '''SCSI RDMA Protocol''' ('''SRP''') is a network protocol that allows one computer system to access [[SCSI]] devices attache ... lower latencies and higher throughput than TCP/IP protocols, but requires network adapters with native RDMA support, e.g., [[HCA]]s for [[InfiniBand]], [[RNI
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  • VHost
    [[Category:Network protocols]]
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