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The initial release of the TCM_Loop virtual SCSI fabric module for Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS v3.2 has been committed into lio-core-2.6.git here patch

The source files can be view via gitweb at lio-core-2.6.git/drivers/target/tcm_loop/

What is tcm_loop..?

TCM_Loop is a Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS fabric module that provides locally accessable virtual Linux/SCSI devices from TCM storage objects such as IBLOCK and FILEIO. It allows TCM SPC-3 and above SCSI emulation to accessed via Linux/SCSI LLD driver, and provides CDB-level SAS emulation

What type of SCSI fabric features are available with tcm_loop..?

The complete set of Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS SPC-3 logic including Persistent_Reservations and ALUA is available from the TCM_Loop Target mode emulated SAS ports.

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