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The tcm_qla2xxx.ko is a hardware Fibre Channel fabric module for qla2xxx series hardware from Qlogic ASICs using the target core infrastructure. Template:AdSense right



LIO Target
RisingTide Systems
tcm_qla2xxx Fibre Channel fabric module
Original author(s) Nicholas Bellinger
Developer(s) RisingTide Systems LLC
Development status Development
Written in C
Operating system Linux
Type Fabric module
License GNU General Public License
Website risingtidesystems.com
TCM_QLA2xxx running at line rate HW target mode from with PCIe device passthrough with MSI-X polled interrupts across Linux/SCSI qla2xxx LLD request and response rings
TCM v4.0 QLAXXX prototype using PCIe device passthrough for target mode MSI-X interrupts, and QEMU Megasas HBA emulation into Windows7 64-bit guest.

The QLA2XXX LLD target mode logic and accompanying tcm_qla2xxx fabric module are now up and running with v2.6.37-rc3 code in the lio-core-2.6.git/tcm_qla2xxx branch.

The QLA2XXX LLD target mode logic is based on qla2x00t from the SCST project, and contains a modern LLD port of qla2x00t-target logic in qla2x_target.c.


At this point the LLD changes and tcm_qla2xxx should be considered ALPHA -> BETA status. Large block I/O is stable, and is able to run for sustained at line-rate. At this point the FC nexus handling in qla2x_target.c is stable and able to pass my initial testing (shutdown, cable pull, etc). This also includes being able to shutdown tcm_qla2xx and disable target mode on an individual struct qla_hw_data, and then reload tcm_qla2xxx and recreate the configfs groups, re-enable target mode on the same qla_hw_data and everything work as expected w/o shutting down qla2xxx LLD.


Follow the instructions in Resources#LIO_4.0_for_released_Linux_tip-of-tree_kernels to 'git clone' the upstream lio-core-2.6.git source tree from kernel.org

Then from within the freshly cloned lio-core-2.6.git, switch to the tcm_qla2xxx branch:

    git checkout --track -b tcm_qla2xxx

From here, run a:

    make menuconfig

and enable the following:

    Device Drivers  --->
           <M> Generic Target Core Mod (TCM) and ConfigFS Infrastructure  ---> 
                        <M>   TCM_QLA2XXX fabric module for Qlogic 2xxx series target mode HBAs

and compile and install the qla2xxx.ko and tcm_qla2xxx.ko (along with target_core_mod.ko and backend plugin) modules using:

    make ; make modules ; make modules_install ; make install

and then build the initrd or initramfs depending upon the distribution in question.


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