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Listening to MP3s over usbnet.
First successful test of a iSCSI/GSM camera phone prototype saving an image via GPRS.


Where can I find more information on the Motorola Rokr E2?

OpenEZX Rokr E2

The devices are available online from a number of locations.

What currently works?

usbnet - STABLE

gprsv - STABLE

Using the image viewer over gprsv is stable, although depending on the number of files in a directory as the EZX filebrower runs stat() on each file displayed in the framebuffer. The buffer cache eviction also tends to happen quickly due to 48 MB of system RAM. Some additional tuning can be done here with swapon and other locations.

Using the mediaplayer over usbnet is stable.

What are the current limitations?

This is still very much a developer oriented stage, espically with the limited memory resources and currently closed nature of the EZX UI..

When running run $CAMERA_ROOT over iSCSI/GSM, the camera software encounters a number of problems saving as well as a considerable initial load camera time when locating $CAMERA_ROOT directly on iSCSI storage.

Adding a menu shortcut (under the same location as Sendto Email, Bluetooth, etc) for iSCSI Target Aliases and mounted filesystems would be ideal for within the OpenEZX menu options.

Due to memory limitiations and/or mediaplayer configuration, playing mp3 playback skips due to buffer cache issues when running via iSCSI/GSM with 39P firmware.

On the Rokr E2, the web browser (Opera) is required to be running on over to print up the gprsv0 interface. This means that you currently MUST use the voice activated commands to get to main menu items.

Deadlock(s) can occur when saving+taking multiple images with the camera and GPRS link failures. Linux v2.6, swap, critical network memory allocations flags, and more memory can help here.

Scenarios currently exist that require console access via usbnet to fail outstanding commands when gprsv0 cannot be restarted from non usb-net methods. (Please email nab AT if any OpenEZX hackers know how to do this!)

What is type of mobile required to test iSCSI/GSM?

The initial release will be for the 2.4.20-MVL kernel, which is present on (all..?) firmware revisions on the Rokr E2.

Current initiators (including Core-iSCSI) can be run on those EZX mobiles running Linux v2.6.

The team is planning on supporting binary packages for both kernel trees on the EZX and OpenEZX supported handset.

TODO Items for general purpose usage

Determine most automated method for reenabling GPRS link for buffer cache flushing on R/W mounted filesystems. Having this done by the iSCSI stack via struct net_device for a GPRS tunnel once a struct sock has been located would be ideal for end users.

Determine end user usage scenarios for voice dictation, camera, image and A/V applications.



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