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Resources comprise references to mailing lists, free downloads, and documentation.


Mailing Lists


The kernel source code for LIO is available via two different methods.

LIO 4.0 for released Linux tip-of-tree kernels

The main target audience for the lio-core-2.6.git tree are kernel developers building for stable Linux linux-2.6.git on

This tree tracks the Linux kernel tree and follows the upstream linux kernel release schedule. It is intended for kernel developers who are interested in contributing to the upstream LIO code, and are comfortable running and debugging bleeding edge kernel code. It involves building a complete running linux kernel and associated modules, and expects the user to have experience with configuring, building and installing kernels.

This tree includes the core Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS v3.x and v4.0-rc logic. It also includes the following fabric modules:

LIO 3.1 backports (Linux kernels >= 2.6.18)

The lio-core-backports.git repository is intended for users who are interested in running LIO kernel code on a existing unmodified kernel environment, and therefore need 'out of tree' Linux sources. It is now available from This tree allows building the LIO kernel modules and packages on many popular distributions, and any kernel back to v2.6.18.

This tree includes the core Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS v3.1.x logic. It also includes the following fabric modules:


LIO 3.0 User's Manual

The LIO 3.0 CLI manual describes a simple lio-utils userspace package for v3.0 kernel level Target_Core_Mod/ConfigFS core and LIO-Target/ConfigFS fabric. It also describes how to setup a number of different subsystem storage object backstores for LIO LUN Endpoints.


The v3.0 Howto is still WIP (it still takes a bit of kernel build knowledge to get up and running) but it gives a good idea of what tcm_node and lio_node CLI operations look like. It reflects:

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