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Core-iSCSI Reflector: list

Core-iSCSI HOWTO: howto

Core-iSCSI v1.6 for Linux v2.6 source driver v1.6.2.5-STABLE

Core-iSCSI Tools : v3.3

iSNS client, scripts, manual pages, example configuration files and documentation can be located in the latest TOOLS release.

The following iSCSI Target implementations have been validated, have pending TODO items, or are completely untested against Core-iSCSI. Please feel free to leave feedback on your experiences with all Linux/iSCSI implementations! Note that the following relates to inteopt with Core-iSCSI as the initiator, but feedback from the original Linux-iscsi Interopt and well as Open-iscsi Interopt stacks are encouraged!

Optional RFC-3720 Features:

MC/S Tested: OK

Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) network transports

TCP Tested: OK

SCTP Tested: OK

iSCSI Extentions for RDMA

iSER/iWARP: TODO - OSC software and future verbs based RNICs

iSER/Infiniband: TODO - openib

iSER/Other: TODO - Based on kDAPL for existing RDMA interconnects

Internet Storage Naming Service (iSNS) servers tested

MSFT Client Tested: OK

PyX/SBEi Client Tested: OK

Service Location Protocol

SLP: TODO - Merge existing SLP code

iSCSI Target Node/Implementations tested:

Adaptec/SNAP: Untested (SHOULD WORK) | MC/S

Eurologic: Tested : OK

Falconstor: Tested : PENDING

IET: Tested : OK

LeftHand: Tested : OK

Netapp: Tested : OK

Promise: Tested : OK

PyX/SBEi: Tested : OK | MC/S

Sanrad: Tested : OK | MC/S

Stringbean: Untested

UNH: Tested : OK

Wasabi: Tested : OK

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