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Core-iSCSI Reflector: [ list]
Core-iSCSI HOWTO: [ howto]
Core-iSCSI HOWTO: [ howto]

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Core-iSCSI Reflector: list

Core-iSCSI HOWTO: howto

Core-iSCSI v1.6 for Linux v2.6 source driver v1.6.2.3-STABLE

Core-iSCSI Tools: v3.2

userspace tools, iSNS client, scripts, manual pages, example configuration files and documentation

The following iSCSI Target implementations have been validated, have pending TODO items, or are completely untested against Core-iSCSI. Please feel free to leave feedback on your experiences with all Linux/iSCSI implementations! Note that the following relates to inteopt with Core-iSCSI as the initiator, but feedback from the original Linux-iscsi Interopt and well as Open-iscsi Interopt stacks are encouraged!

Optional RFC-3720 Features:

MC/S Tested: OK

Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) network transports

TCP Tested: OK

SCTP Tested: OK

iSCSI Extentions for RDMA

iSER/iWARP: TODO - OSC software and future verbs based RNICs

iSER/Infiniband: TODO - openib

iSER/Other: TODO - Based on kDAPL for existing RDMA interconnects

Internet Storage Naming Service (iSNS) servers tested

MSFT Client Tested: OK

PyX/SBEi Client Tested: OK

Service Location Protocol

SLP: TODO - Merge existing SLP code

iSCSI Target Node/Implementations tested:

Adaptec/SNAP: Untested (SHOULD WORK) | MC/S

Eurologic: Tested : OK

Falconstor: Tested : PENDING

IET: Tested : OK

LeftHand: Tested : OK

Netapp: Tested : OK

Promise: Tested : OK

PyX/SBEi: Tested : OK | MC/S

Sanrad: Tested : OK | MC/S

Stringbean: Untested

UNH: Tested : OK

Wasabi: Tested : OK

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